2021.4.8 is an ordinary and memorable day.  The most beautiful is the spring, not enough to see is the world, the meticulously planned spring outing--Shaoxing Yicai first quarter team team building activity, we set off!

Arrive at the destination Dabo Star Camp at 10:30 in the morning, set out our snacks, and the team building activity officially begins. The theme of our team building activity is outdoor barbecue.

Some people are busy sorting out the ingredients, some are assisting, and some have already begun to show their cooking skills. Everyone is very conscious and has a clear assignment of tasks. With everyone’s cooperation, the activity goes on smoothly, and a sumptuous meal was served soon.  

After a full meal, it’s our entertainment time. We are usually busy in the office, and communication is mainly about work. So we took this opportunity to start the poker game. Most people are happy, but one is sad, and the art director needed his assistant to scan the code and pay for him!

There are also many entertainment facilities at the team building site, such as archery and kayaking.  Two groups of kayaks attracted us. We were divided into groups. Although there were still people who were a little scared before going into the water, everyone became active and excited when they got into the water. A competition was proposed to determine the starting point and the end point. All the teams were  Strive forward. In the game, everyone spontaneously talked, cooperated, and competed for the victory of their team, which greatly stimulated the team cohesion and collective sense of honor. After the game ended and landed, everyone was still immersed in excitement.  I also thought in my heart that if we have a chance to fight again, we will definitely win.

The one-day team building activity soon ended, and everyone happily embarked on their return journey.  By holding this event, while providing entertainment and relaxation for everyone, we have cultivated our organizational communication skills, aligned the goals of the company up and down, coordinated progress, and deepened the cohesion, affinity and centripetal force between colleagues.  As the saying goes, "Thousands of people have the same heart, and then a thousand people have the power, and ten thousand people have different hearts. There is no use for one person."  In the competition of today's society, in order to stand out, you must have a strong cohesive team or company. The creek can only show beautiful waves, and the rivers and seas can inspire the stormy waves!

A company with team spirit can make each employee show high morale, which is conducive to stimulating employees' work initiative, common values, high morale, unity and friendship.  Employees will voluntarily contribute their ingenuity to the company, and at the same time enable themselves to get more comprehensive development.  I also look forward to meeting more small partners with the same goals in the next quarter of  Shaoxing's colorful team building!