Common problems and solutions in the current industry development of cosmetic packaging and design


With the development of cosmetic packaging, my country's cosmetic packaging has been protected by law. Although there is legal protection, there are still many problems in cosmetic packaging, and many cosmetic packaging have not received the required requirements. There are still many issues that are worthy of further investigation.

1. The sanitary supervision of cosmetic packaging materials is at a blank stage

There are many kinds of materials for making cosmetic packaging containers, such as various plastics, glass, metals, etc. If the materials are not used properly, some harmful substances will be dissolved during the storage of cosmetics packaging, which will not only directly affect the quality of cosmetics, but even cause bad effects on the skin. . For example, some glass products will undergo alkali dissolution during the storage of cosmetics, causing the content to change color, precipitation, separation, and pH changes. However, what manufacturers often pursue is the aesthetics and characteristics of the shape, etc., and there is no research on what kind of cosmetics should be used, which material and quality packaging, and the health department has not proposed specific hygiene standards for cosmetic packaging containers so far. , This undoubtedly left hidden dangers to the hygienic quality of cosmetic packaging.

2. Poor management of cosmetic packaging labels
In order to attract consumers and expand sales, production companies not only use their brains in the form of packaging, but also make a fuss about product labels and instructions. Some products do not apply for special-purpose cosmetics approval documents but advertise that their products have special functions. Such as some functional language. These irresponsible publicity mislead consumers.

In response to the above problems, the following improvement measures are recommended: 
1. Carry out research on the hygienic performance of cosmetic packaging and other containers
The health department should specifically study the existing sanitary problems in various cosmetic packaging materials, as well as the dissolution of harmful substances that may occur during the storage of cosmetics, and the raw materials and additives used in the production of cosmetic packaging containers. Put forward requirements and formulate corresponding sanitation standards, so that the sanitation department can have a basis for the sanitary supervision and management of containers.

2. Strictly implement the product registration and filing system, strengthen the verification of labels, and labels provide consumers with product quality information. At the same time, companies are required to submit label samples for review in the new cosmetics packaging stage, and eliminate unqualified labels in the "sprouting" state. This not only urges companies to operate in compliance with the law, but also allows companies to avoid packaging designs that do not meet the requirements. Economic losses.