Advantages of Airless Cosmetic Bottles

Airless cosmetic bottles are pressure-free, vacuum-distribution systems. They are a preferred packaging option for many cosmetic care products. Because they can be completely dispensed without opening the pump, they help to preserve the product's freshness. They also increase the product's longevity and quality of storage. Here are the advantages of airless cosmetic bottles. Weighing the benefits, we will look at three types of airless bottles and explain how they work.
Generally, airless cosmetic bottles are made from PETE and polypropylene materials. The main advantage of these bottles is that they don't need air to be stored in them, so they extend the shelf life of the product dramatically. Airless bottles can be purchased in bulk, but you need to make sure to check for minimum quantities to avoid getting stuck with a bottle you don't need. You can even get custom-made bottles to customize your products.
SKS offers a range of glossy white airless pump bottles in sizes ranging from five to ten ml. They can dispense 0.12 ml of serum per pump, and 0.098 ml of skin care product. Airless cosmetic bottles from SKS are propellant and metal-free. The transparent AS plastic body makes product visibility a breeze. SKS also offers three-ml serum bottles that disperse 0.2 ml of product per pump.
Another major advantage of airless cosmetic packaging is its sustainability. While many plastic bottles are environmentally unfriendly, some suppliers offer refillable bottles that are recyclable. SamHwa has developed an airless glass hybrid package. It combines elegant design with a durable, recyclable inner plastic bottle. As a result, the airless cosmetic bottle remains 100% recyclable. A number of suppliers have begun developing a refillable airless glass jar. This will save the environment as well as the cosmetics' freshness.