Application advantages of dropper bottles

The dropper bottle has a very important position in the application field of the cosmetic packaging industry. The liquid in the bottle can be easily transferred and taken, which makes the dropper bottle particularly widely used in the cosmetic packaging field. In the production process, the dropper bottle must not only meet the tolerance range specified by the industry, but also need to be free of thorns, bubbles, and mildew outside the transparent glass tube. The size and shape of the dropper bottle are strictly controlled during the production process, and the dropper bottle is cleaned and packaged after the production is completed. The dropper bottle is an integrally formed dropper bottle structure, including a cap, a hollow pressing part, a hollow tube part and a bottle body. The bottle cap and the hollow pressing part are integrally molded by plastic injection; the hollow tube part is inserted and fixed to the hollow Press the inside. This drop bottle structure is relatively common in the prior art, and the hollow pressing part can be squeezed and retracted to suck the liquid in the dropper bottle body.
Application advantages of cosmetic packaging dropper bottles:
An advantage of the dropper bottle is that it can accurately measure the amount of each drop of the product. The dropper of the dropper bottle is marked on the dropper, which is very helpful for consumers to grasp the amount of skin care products. , Regardless of whether it is 0.3 ml or 0.5 ml, a more accurate dosage can be achieved.
In addition, with the popularization of cosmetics knowledge and the increasing complexity of the air environment, people’s requirements for cosmetics have become higher and higher. Avoiding products with preservatives as much as possible has become an important factor for many women to choose products. Packaging design came into being. Face cream products contain a large amount of fat and oil, which makes it difficult for fungi to survive. But the essence is mostly water-like essence, and it contains rich nutrients, which is very suitable for bacteria to multiply. In order to prevent foreign objects (including hands) from directly contacting the essence, the dropper bottle is an important way to reduce contamination of the product, and the amount of the dropper bottle can also avoid waste.
Because this type of dropper bottle is superior in appearance and function design, consumers want to re-use the dropper bottle after using the product inside. How should the dropper bottle be cleaned at this time?
First of all, use detergent to soak in water. It is recommended to use hot water or alkaline detergent. You can prepare a clean brush or makeup brush, and use a neutral detergent or shampoo. Gently scrub the brush with cold water to clean the corners and corners, and then rinse with plenty of water. The dropper is to repeatedly suck water with cleaning agent, drip it off and then suck clean water to wash.
If the dropper bottle is to be cleaned with alcohol, use 70-75% medical alcohol, add some to the bottle and shake the bottle to allow the inner wall to fully contact the alcohol, pour it out, and repeat. Then add pure alcohol, shake the bottle, pour it out, and air dry. The function of the latter step is not to clean, but pure alcohol evaporates very quickly. This method takes away the trace residual moisture on the inner wall, which usually dries in a few minutes, which is relatively fast. If there is no alcohol or other convenient methods for cleaning, just add purified water or distilled water to the washed bottle, shake to wash the inner wall, discard, repeat the above steps three to five times, and then hang it upside down to dry, it is almost OK Up. The standard of whether the dropper bottle is cleaned, the general inspection method is to look at the light, there is no drop of water hanging on the inner wall, but a uniform water film, which is clean.