The three-day 26th Shanghai International Fair of the United States of America came to a successful conclusion, and Yicai returned triumphantly with the affirmation and praise of its customers!
In order to prepare for the exhibition, Yicai booth combined with its own factory elements, combined with the current hot minimalist style and dotted with green plants, created a "Yicai container". By setting up a small window scene for our series of products, the customers visiting the exhibition can have aesthetic communication and collision with us, and find the overall beauty of the product series.
At the same time, in the product scheme and design, we also provide customers with more reference. Based on the understanding of product features and the professionalism of color matching, the samples of this exhibition are mostly presented in the form of gift boxes and complete finished product printing copy, so that customers can have a more intuitive feeling and learn from their own products.
"Feel good, good quality, great sense of design, stand to see" these endless praise is our biggest honor to participate in this exhibition.