Choosing an Essential Oil Bottle

If you have ever had the pleasure of using an aromatherapy essential oil bottle then you know how important they are in the process of healing and soothing your body. There are many types of essential oil bottles including roll-on, snap-on, and funnel bottles. Each type has its own set of benefits and uses. It is important to understand how to properly use each one.
Roll-on essential oil bottles are perfect for essential oils you wish to spread directly onto certain parts of your body, including your head, nape, or scalp. The bottle generally includes a thick glass, plastic, or stainless steel ball on the bottom to catch the oils. The ball moves up the bottle to slowly apply the oil and then returns to the bottom to prevent the oils from spreading. These types of bottles are especially useful for massaging different parts of the body with your hands. They are also great for mixing essential oils together if you desire an aromatherapy bath.
Snap-on essential oil bottles are extremely easy to use. The oil bottle comes with an airtight glass or plastic funnel that can be easily closed over the bottle and turned upside down. The container holds the oils, and an absorbent cotton ball is used to massage the oils gently into the skin with your fingertips. Using the cotton ball in conjunction with the oil bottle will ensure even distribution of the oils.
Another type of essential oils bottle is the Boston Round Bottles. The Boston Round Bottles is made of glass and is available in four sizes. They are available in redwood, pine, mahogany, and teak wood. This style of bottle allows you to evenly distribute your oils throughout the bottle, which increases the therapeutic benefits of each drop. These bottles are great for placing essential oils into your bath water, creating a relaxing bath that is full of aroma. These glasses may also be used to store your aromatherapy candles.
Most scented oil bottles are available in travel sizes. This is great for taking with you on vacation or just for emergency situations. These bottles are easy to carry around when traveling, because they are small and compact. A great example of this type of bottle would be the Traveler's Delight. This travel size bottle has a reusable closure and has a scent that lasts all day.
When choosing which bottle to buy, make sure you look for a design that is easy to clean, has an airtight cap, and a scent that lasts. You do not want to get caught with your scent by accident. Choose wisely, and enjoy your aromatherapy!