Important Guide To Buying A Glass Essential Oil Bottle

The glass essential oil bottle is quite useful for transporting your oils (or any liquid) in bulk. And it has this neat little feature that allows you to open the bottle without touching the glass itself. However, since the glass must be kept clean, this can be quite an important aspect of keeping these bottles clean - and your oils. Here's a big tip when starting out: when you're first working with liquid essential oils, having the caps off can really be a big pain in the you-knows-what, unless, of course, you pick one of the many universal glass essential oil bottle openers available.
If you've been using essential oils regularly, chances are good that you've had to pour your oil into a jar or bottle at some point. And chances are good that the glass essential oil bottles you've used have seen quite a lot of wear and tear. While it's always best to use these bottles as you need them, it can also be nice to have a "clean" version so you can reuse them when needed. Here's how to do it.
Many essential oils come with cap readers. To use these, simply remove the cap, and place the dropper under the dropper - or wherever the cap reads. Now, while this may seem like a small task, it's one that you don't want to skip.
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When it comes time to fill up your glass essential oil bottles (again, depending on the brand you're using), you'll want to read the label carefully. Many oils contain alcohol, and some are deodorant-friendly (for our purposes, anything with a scent is going to smell a little bit as well). Other essential oils have ingredients in them that can interact with the oil and affect your skin (such as eucalyptus). So, look up the specific ingredients of the product you're considering to see if any of them could be affecting you.
If you're using an essential oil dropper, be sure to keep it clean. Use a q-tip to clean out the bottom of the bottle. Fill the bottle again, but this time, pour some of the warmed oil into the bottom of the bottle. Replace the cap, and shake. If your essential oil has a long shelf life, it will remain potent for quite some time. However, it will lose its fragrance quickly, so you should replace the bottle after about 6 months.
Glass essential oil bottles are convenient, but they can also be fragile. Take special care when handling these bottles. Place them on a table, and make sure there's nothing (including dirt) on the top. Keep them away from sharp objects, and don't let kids play with them. For those who travel a lot, consider buying glass containers that can go in carry-on luggage.