• 2022-08-22

    The Advantages of Using an Airless Pump Bottle

    The benefits of using an Airless Pump Bottle outweigh the disadvantages. This environmentally friendly product has a cap and an airless pump mechanism which dispenses the product to the last drop. It is great for traveling, product testing, and travel. Aside from its environmental benefits, the Airless Pump Bottle is also convenient to use. Read on to discover the advantages of this new technology. Here's a look at a few of its most important features. A cosmetic airless pump bottle is made of a variety of materials, including PP, recycled PET, SAN, and PMMA. Depending on the bottle's size, it dispenses 1 ml of liquid per pump. This type of bottle is suitable for packaging creams, foundations, serums, concealers, and more. In addition to its eco-friendly features, cosmetic airless pumps are safe for use by people with sensitive skin. An Airless Pump Bottle can protect your product from air, preventing it from deteriorating. Because air isn't able to enter the bottle, it can extend its shelf life by as much as 15%. Because it's non-pressurized, it can be used in any cosmetic product, including natural products. It is an effective solution for those looking to make the world a better place. It also helps brands protect formulas that are oxygen-sensitive. There are many benefits of using an Airless Pump Bottle. It preserves the integrity of the ingredients, preventing oxidation and bacterial contamination. Another major advantage is that these products are 100% recyclable. They are environmentally friendly, and can be reused in the kitchen, where they are great for oils, sauces, cleaning products, and more. With their convenience, it is easy to see why more people are turning to the use of these products. An Airless Pump Bottle helps you avoid wasted product. The vacuum dispensing effect draws the product out of the bottle and avoids wastage. Unlike basic dispensing solutions, airless products have a greater shelf life. The airless pump bottle can even extend the shelf life of your product by up to 15%. You can also use it for organic products. They can also help preserve the integrity of your product. You can use them to store your organic or natural products. An Airless Pump Bottle works by drawing up product from the bottom of the bottle. The weight of the solution causes the product to fall to the bottom and creates a void at the top of the bottle that fills with air. When the solution is low, the tube does not work efficiently, exposing the product to oxygen. Another disadvantage is that end users have to insert a plastic scraper or their fingertips to push the disk upward.
  • 2022-08-16

    Investing in China Cosmetic Packaging

    China is fast-growing as one of the largest markets for cosmetics worldwide. As a result, China cosmetic packaging market is growing at an accelerated pace. As the post-90s generation gains independence, they are increasingly engaged in skincare and beauty products. This growth in the cosmetic packaging market in China has spurred industry players to increase their production capacity in China. For instance, Albea, a Chinese company, has plans to capitalize on the increasing e-commerce opportunities in the country. Some global cosmetics brand owners are worried about disruptions in their supply chain and are looking for ways to minimize the risk of disasters. The Shanghai-based HCP Packaging, one of the world's largest cosmetic packaging molders, is looking to invest $12 million in a plastics manufacturing facility in Eastern Europe. This would be the company's first manufacturing outside of Asia, despite being heavily invested in the Americas. However, while it is a growing industry in China, some brands are wary of investing outside of the country. According to GB 5296.3-2008 Instruction on Use of Consumer Products (IUS) Standard, cosmetics packaged with more than 5% of content should label the net content of the product. Net content labeling must be visible on packaging boxes. Packaging containing 1% or less of an ingredient should have a production lot or production batch number. Additionally, the usage period of the product should be indicated. For further details, visit the China cosmetic packaging website. While China has emerged as an important exporter, it still faces several challenges when it comes to manufacturing cosmetic packaging. Insufficient infrastructure and distribution systems, coupled with a shortage of skilled manpower, have made the country an unlikely source of export cosmetic products. Moreover, China doesn't have the advanced Plastic Packaging machineries that its competitors have. Despite these problems, some of the leading manufacturers in the industry are stepping out of China by exporting finished products to other countries. When choosing a cosmetic packaging manufacturer, make sure that the supplier offers different choices. Some are biodegradable or recyclable. Make sure the supplier can provide samples before you place an order. Aside from offering a diverse range of cosmetic packaging materials, some companies also offer biodegradable containers. Besides, the packaging supplier must also be able to manufacture molds, so that the containers are custom-made. Aside from the variety of products available in China, make sure that the supplier you are choosing has extensive experience in the industry. When choosing a cosmetic packaging manufacturer, make sure to check out the quality and design of the packaging materials. A reliable cosmetic packaging manufacturer won't compromise on quality, and will make sure that you're satisfied with the final product. A reputable cosmetic manufacturer will use high-quality raw materials, implement state-of-the-art technology, and never skimp on design. It is also important to choose a reliable supplier, as their products will be distributed to a wide range of countries.
  • 2022-08-08

    The Benefits of a Plastic Cosmetics

    When choosing a cosmetics packaging solution, it is important to consider the environmental benefits of plastic. The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a report recommending that a plastic cosmetics tube should be recycled. While this method does not save the environment, it can help conserve resources by reducing waste. To choose a recyclable plastic packaging solution, look for a manufacturer that produces tubes from recycled materials. This type of packaging is made from high quality PE or PVC material, and is available in a variety of attractive colors. Different plastic tubes serve different purposes. Some are asymmetrical, while others are multi-layered. Asymmetrical two-layer tubes are a result of an inner layer containing color and an outer layer with a special effect. Five-layer tubes offer the best barrier and are most common in products with high oxygen sensitivity. Co-extruded plastic tubes are soft and flexible and are designed with multiple layers to provide an optimal barrier. Eco-friendly push-up tubes are another great alternative to plastic cosmetic containers. These tubes contain only 30 percent plastic and are 100% recyclable. They can be used as primary packaging for skin cream products. Unlike plastic tubes, paperboard tubes have an oil-resistant barrier that makes them great for skincare products. Paperboard tubes are also great for concealers, foundation, and dark spot corrector. They are also great for cosmetics and will reduce the need to dispose of unused product. Another benefit of plastic cosmetic tubes is their eco-friendliness. The packaging is recyclable and allows for more precise filling. The unused packaging can be reused, which is great for the environment. Plastic tubes are also a great option for specialty cosmetics manufacturers because they provide stable packaging for their products. Furthermore, compared to plastic jars, plastic tubes are much easier to transport. In addition to being lightweight, tubes are less expensive to ship to retail outlets.
  • 2022-08-01

    Acrylic Cream Jar

    Acrylic cream jars are a great way to keep your favorite facial cream fresh and easy to apply. This type of jar comes in many different shapes, including oval, square, ladder, diamond, UFO, and more. The colors of these jars vary, too. Most are solid colors, while others are frosted for a more decorative look. If you want to add a personal touch to your jar, you can paint it yourself or have it custom-made by a designer. A high-quality acrylic material cream jar, such as a TYH jar, is a luxurious way to showcase your product. The jar comes in a square arc, round, and cylindrical shape. It is possible to get the acrylic outer layer painted to match the color of the inside spray. Acrylic cream jars are suitable for any type of thick, creamy products. If you're a makeup artist, consider investing in one for your next project. There are several benefits to using acrylic jars. They're lightweight, easy to clean, and can store a variety of different types of cosmetics. Unlike glass, acrylic is also very difficult to break and is therefore much more affordable than glass jars. Additionally, they're less likely to break, making them an ideal choice for makeup artists, cosmetic brands, and home users. You'll never be left wondering what to use for your favorite makeup products again.
  • 2022-07-26

    Benefits of an Acrylic Cream Jar

    When you want to package your cream, an acrylic jar is an excellent choice. Its circular shape makes it easy to slip your fingers inside. It is environmentally friendly, too. Most acrylic jars have twist-on closures, which fit securely and easily. However, some brands make jars with snap-on closures. If you are looking for a more environmentally-friendly container, snap-on closures aren't the best choice. The double-wall plastic jars are made of high-quality acrylic. These plastic jars are recyclable, sturdy, and lightweight. They are easy to transport and clean. And if you order large quantities, you can take advantage of their quick turnaround time. The monthly capacity is 300,000pcs. Depending on the size of your order, you can get the jar you need faster than usual. The production time can be as fast as two days. Another benefit of an acrylic cosmetic jar is that it is highly versatile. You can use it for various cosmetics, such as face creams. They are durable and easy to clean, since they are sealed at the top to prevent air from leaking in. Compared to glass and metal jars, they are also more affordable and lighter. Aside from the many benefits of acrylic jars, they are also great for packaging your favorite cosmetics.
  • 2022-07-25

    The Benefits of an Airless Pump Bottle

    The Airless Pump Bottle is an innovative new container designed to maintain an air-free environment in the packaging. It features an integrated plastic piston that pushes the product toward the dispenser from the base of the bottle. This airless bottle fills the gap created by traditional pumps. As the market for airless technology continues to grow, experts expect it to hit $39 billion by 2023. But what exactly is it? What are the benefits of this bottle? The airless pump bottle has many benefits. Its design prevents oxidation, so the product does not deteriorate. It also eliminates the need to use preservatives, which are not organically friendly. Additionally, airless bottles are 100% recyclable. Airless pumps are more environmentally-friendly than traditional plastic bottles. They are also safer to use for cosmetics, as you do not have to worry about introducing contaminants from a plastic cap. Airless technology is an excellent choice for cosmetics brands. The bottles are safe and efficient, while also protecting the ingredients inside. Many cosmetic brands use oxygen-sensitive ingredients that can undergo oxidation and degradation. These problems can lead to negative side effects and a range of other problems. Because of this, airless bottles are the most environmentally friendly packaging solution for your products. They're also great for lotions and foams. They also help to increase the shelf life of your products. Another advantage of airless pumps is that they reduce the oxygen content in a bottle. The bottle has a small hole in the bottom. When the pump is depressed, the plastic piston and disc inside the bottle move upwards, pushing the product up through an opening. Despite the fact that these bottles are more costly to buy, they're reusable and can be used in the kitchen for many different applications. Aside from food-related products, they can also be used for cleaning agents, sauces, and oils. An Airless Pump Bottle is an excellent option if you're looking for a convenient way to dispense your liquids. They have no tubing to insert and have a dispensing capacity of 0.098 ml per pump. Furthermore, an unlined snap cap prevents propellant from entering the bottle, which is perfect for travel and home use. For convenience, FH Packaging offers a bulk option for those who need more than one. If you're planning on using an airless pump dispenser, make sure it's primed before use. Before use, you must pump it slowly ten to fifteen times to activate the vacuum pump system. If you're not using it yet, you may be putting your products at risk. The airless pump bottle is a great choice for people who're concerned about oxygen exposure. You'll be able to keep your products safer while reducing the need for harsh chemical preservatives. The most important benefit of an Airless Pump Bottle is its safety. Since it doesn't use a plastic tube, it protects products from temperature, humidity, and sunlight. The bottle is also recyclable and lightweight, making it safer for the environment. You can feel good about purchasing an Airless Pump Bottle. It's a better choice than a conventional pump bottle! If you're in the market for a new skincare product, you should check out this innovative new packaging option!