Perfume Bottle Information

It is certainly true that when you peel back the many layers of artistry and mystery, perfume bottles simply serve a very basic purpose. Yes, they are beautiful to behold on their plain glass vases and flower bulb stoppers like life-size flowers in all their glory. But beneath all of that beauty, there is the simple fact that every bottle is crafted by hand. Each and every time that a person pours that single drop of perfume into the bottle, it was carefully crafted from the finest oils and waxes that were chosen just for that moment and that special someone. Each and every creation is an individual creation and perfume artists pride themselves in bringing each creation to its peak.
The creation process of perfume bottles begins long before they hit the market. Before a single drop hits the air, they are first formed using molds. These molds are then cooled and desiccated. Once these are dried out they are refilled with the correct amount of oil or waxes according to the brand name and sent off to be manufactured. In many cases, perfume bottles are assembled after they have been created while others are simply left as they are until ready to be boxed and shipped to their designated distribution locations.
The scent that is bottled into those brilliant fragrances comes from a combination of different oils and waxes. Some scents are created by combining more than one ingredient, while other scents are created from combining only one ingredient. Perfume manufacturers also add a variety of decorative ingredients such as dyes, resins, and essential oils into their products in order to enhance the aroma and create additional color and scent. In some cases, perfume bottles are even hand painted with brand names and a signature scent by the artist.
The perfume bottle has become a crucial part of our lives and has even become an issue in some local and federal laws because of its impact on the environment. Efforts are currently being made by several government agencies and environmental groups to reduce and eliminate the use of plastic bottles. Many perfume producers feel that by reducing the amount of plastic bottles used that they will be able to increase the amount of natural items sold. In addition to being a major contributor to the damage being done to the earth's ecosystems, plastic bottles are also known to be extremely hazardous for the user. It is not uncommon to see young children break their bottles and having very serious chemical burns.
As an alternative to plastic bottles, some companies have chosen to create elegant glass bottles instead. There are many benefits to perfume bottles made from glass. Glass does not break easily, is lightweight, and does not absorb or retain the scent of the fragrance. Some companies who create these elegant perfume bottles even place tiny amounts of mineral inside them to further enhance the fragrances. The price that you pay for a beautiful perfume bottle using glass materials is often nothing compared to what it would cost you to replace a plastic bottle.
If you love to smell great and take pride in your ability to smell great then investing in a fine Cologne or even a fine perfume bottle is important. If you are looking for a gift for someone else then having that special perfume bottle is a wonderful gift idea. Maybe you want to give a bottle to a woman who loves perfume and likes the look of it as well as the way it smells. No matter what your preference is when it comes to perfume there is a perfume bottle for you.