Plastic Bottles

The term cosmetic bottle is generally used for non-medical cosmetic packaging and labelling of cosmetics and fragrances. Cosmetic products are chemicals designed for enhancing the look and enhancing an improved physical appearance without changing the anatomical structure or functions of the human body. They may be applied to the skin as a liquid, cream or gel or sprayed on the surface of an object. The term is widely used in the cosmetic industry for describing any cosmetic product intended for external application.
Private Limited by guarantee: The production of any cosmetic product usually involves involvement of various steps. At first, the preparation of the desired chemical is done in the laboratory by applying the desired formula under controlled conditions. Only after the product is approved by the regulatory authority, will it then be sold commercially in the form of a cosmetic, in the name of that brand. To avoid any confusion between the terms private limited and public limited, the term private limited by guarantee is used to describe a cosmetic product produced by a company at its own premises and marketed under its own brand name.
Labelling System: The labelling system, which consists of the name of the cosmetic manufacturer, the proprietary brand name and the product name, is typically a clear, colored, cardboard, vinyl or laminated material. Some of the common systems include Name & Number embossed, private limited, screw cap and private limited by guarantee. Private limited means, the cosmetic is produced in the name of the private manufacturer exclusively and is not distributed in the public sector. Screw cap system on the other hand refers to a cosmetic bottle with an opening for pouring the contents.
Flip Top of screw cap: The opening of the cosmetic bottle is located above the closed lid. Both styles, both screw caps and flip top, have a very large storage area, which can be used to store more than one type of cosmetic. The flip top is generally used when the contents need to be quickly stored for traveling purposes while screw caps are preferred when the contents need to be preserved for a longer time period. Private label system is a system, which provides customers with the opportunity to personalize their products and has the added advantage of allowing customers to create a unique signature on the packaging. Private label systems can come in the form of individual components like hair oil, lotions, hair colouring creams etc., whereas other more common types like Private Limited Brands and Perfume and Flavoured Lotion come from more common components.
Common Components: When buying a container for cosmetics, one can find various storage containers with different capacities. The most common component, which is found in almost all packaging is the 100ml clear plastic bottle. There are other popular sizes like the 150 ml, which is generally preferred for general usage, the 200 ml which is ideal for use in mass quantities and the 400 ml which is perfect for a single use. Depending upon the usage of the product, one can opt for a specific size of bottle. For smaller items like lotions and soaps there is a smaller sized bottle which will ensure that wastage of the product does not occur.
Apart from the plastic bottles there are several other packaging options available like the HDPE (High Density Plastic) which is a high density polyethylene terephthalate, commonly used in making medical devices. The HDPE has the benefits of being an extremely hardwearing plastic and also maintains its shape and density in spite of exposure to harsh chemicals. The bottles, which are manufactured using HDPE, can also withstand high pressures. Since these containers are usually round, they add a round appearance to your products and can help you get noticed.