What Can I Do With Empty Face Cream Jars?

You can reuse your empty face cream jars for a number of things. For one, you can use them as plant pots. Alternatively, you can make soap dispensers with them. The first step is to clean the jars with dish detergent and water. After washing, you should dry them thoroughly. Moisture in the jars can promote mold growth. Next, apply some craft glue along the rim of the jar.
If you have an abundance of empty face cream jars, you can turn them into storage containers for cosmetic products. Some companies even offer free products when you recycle their empty containers! These include MAC Cosmetics and LUSH. When you recycle six MAC containers, you'll receive a free lipstick.

Cream jars are a classic example of beauty packaging. They have a smooth appearance and a sealing disc that keeps the contents inside. The jars are reusable and are available in a variety of colors and styles. The packaging also projects the brand's personality. Most consumers don't analyze health and beauty jars very closely, instead relying on features that are easy to identify.
Older glass jars are an excellent source of collectibles. You can find vintage jars with various markings and company names in auctions on sites like eBay and Etsy. These jars are often accompanied by original labels that give clues about the products that were inside.