Perfume Bottles: Perfume Bottles 101


Plastic bottles are usually made of high quality plastic, which is safe for long term use. They are also available in various shapes and sizes so you can find the right one for your needs. There are perfume bottle designs available in clear glass as well as frosted or stained glass options for a more dramatic look. With advances in technology, the frosted or stained glass option of perfume bottles allows the aroma to penetrate the glass, creating a deeper, more intense aroma.

You can get custom perfume bottle labels created to include your perfume name, logo, and scent description. When you are looking for the right label for your bottles, make sure it is a large enough size for all the bottles you will be placing in them. Labels should be thick and durable, so they last through the years without losing their appearance. There are many different designs available, including textured, colored and even die cut options for those simple bottles of perfumes you keep in drawers and boxes.

Plastic perfume bottles are typically less expensive than glass perfume bottles, but they do not last as long. Some perfumers prefer glass perfume bottles because they allow the aroma to interact with the air, which results in a deeper, more intense aroma that lasts longer. Another advantage is that perfumes can be diluted with water and stored in a small airtight container, which prevents evaporation of the fragrance. Perfume stored in open bottles or plastic bags is exposed to the elements constantly and loses its fragrance quickly. Perfume stored in glass perfume bottles is sealed in its own small glass bottle and does not lose its fragrance as fast.

Glass perfume bottles come in many shapes and sizes, and many designs are available. Clear or frosted glass containers can be used for all types of perfumes, whether they are sweet musky, oriental, or fruity. Perfumes can be placed in crystal clear containers, or they can be made into decorative pieces like urns. These are great for storing perfumes and colognes that you wear daily. When you want to show off your favorite fragrance with flair, a clear glass container is the way to go.

When buying a perfume bottle, choose one that you will be happy to display for years to come, as well as keep its contents fresh and free of dirt and debris. A fine quality wine bottle opens up naturally when taken out of its box, and many solid perfumes have been stored in this manner for years. Always keep your liquid fragrances in glass bottles that have airtight lids, and keep your solid perfumes in their original containers.

There are several different perfume bottle shapes to choose from, depending on your needs. They range in size from small, delicate pink cases for little girls' fragrances, to large rectangular bottles to hold just about any scent. You can also purchase these in different scents and multiple bottle shapes, so you have variety. If you prefer, you can even get these in a funny shape, such as triangular bottles with four sides or an oblong shape. Perfume bottles come in all sorts of shapes, and you are sure to find one that will enhance your beauty.

Labels for perfume bottles can be bought separately, or you may wish to get a labeling kit. These come with everything you need to create beautiful labels. You can purchase premade labels or buy them separately. The labels are clear and usually have black ink on them. You can write the name of the scent, the name of the fragrance, and any other information you want printed on the label, such as your web address or phone number.

Perfume bottles, a beautiful container made specifically to store fragrance. The oldest known example is Egyptian, dating to around 1000 BC. Glass is preferred by some perfumers as it allows the scent to permeate the entire bottle. Perfumes are generally concentrated blends that are scented and less concentrated essential oils used for a variety of aromas and fragrance types. With advancements in technology, it's now possible to use a plastic perfume bottle instead of glass.